Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Stitchery

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Everybody meet Teddy!  He is my friend Liz's new puppy- a terrier chiuaua mix - a terruaua!
      I embroidered this lionfish and seaweed for  Roberta. Her unembellished blocks were wonderful to work with. Usually I have a definite favorite but all of them were equally beautiful!

     Here is my Basically Beaded block for Arlene.  She said she is a very lacy person who loves gardens, spiders, webs, and butterflies. This was easy for me because I love all of those things too.


  1. What an adorable puppy!
    Katy your work is so beautiful. I love the basically beaded block how exquisite!!

  2. Wow, that scary (can't remember the name) fish is so well done! Love it. Your work is so beautiful. I learn a lot from sitting and studying your stitches. Thanks so much for sharing.