Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Vacation In Mount Shasta, CA


Trying to make things more spring-like, at least inside! Here is the link to  Folding Trees. It has all sorts of beautiful origami projects you can do.  

The current focus of my classroom beauty spot
My cherry tree on March 25

According to the Mount Shasta Herald we have had the snowiest March on record - eight feet in the last week alone!

Needless to say, the pets are tired of it!

Judy's Unembellished Block
Crazy Quilters International Fabulous First Timers #15
I am doing a round robin through my online group. The first block I received was Judy's.  We are each supposed to work 1/4 of the block and then send it on.
My work on Judy's block.

Parasols were a symbol of status.

              Victorian Symbols
 One of the monthly challenges of my online group is to incorporate a designated Victorain Symbol into your work.  This is my attempt.

 Marlene's Work

My friend Marlene makes these wonderful beaded necklaces. She will be offering a class at Weston's in Mount Shasta  this summer.

Marlene's Heart

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nesting Season

A  Live web cam I have been following with my class

We have been watching a Phoebe Allens hummingbird in San Diego, CA. She has two eggs.  In the year I have been watching her,  she has raised two small clutches and is now working on her third.  My students and I never get tired of her beauty. Here is the link:

This amazing fiber art kelp forest was made by my friend Adamine from my embroidery group. Click on the picture for a larger image.
The fabric was hand dyed to create a sense of depth. Adamine embroidered the fish and knitted and felted the octopus.             

     Here is a close-up of the bottom. Adamine says that it is still not 100% finished. Don't we all "fool" with our work for a while at the finishing stages?

 I received two wonderful things in the mail this week! The first was my round robin quilt block from Judy in West Seneca, NY. My job is to embroider a quarter of it and mail on to Linda in Tucumcari, NM. I can't wait to get started!
I'll photograph and post my work on it before I send it on.

 The second joy brought by the mail was a bag of beautiful silk fabrics I purchased  from Fabricana, in India. 
Oh my!!! The colors are amazing and the price was excellent!
 The link for the seller is
Finally, if you are feeling hungry,

my first grade class worked on writing  free form poems last week.  The topic was one of their favorite foods, pizza!  Just looking at this bulletin  board makes me hungry!