Monday, March 5, 2012

Under The Sea Blocks Home!

       My embellished blocks from Crazy Quilting International's Under The Sea Do Your Own Block round robin arrived back home today. What a great way to begin the week. They are very beautiful!  Thanks to Lisa, Nicki Lee, Roberta, Stacie, and Ruby. I love them!  
     Finishing the Under The Sea wall hanging is going to have to wait because I am a little "under the gun" with another project.  I have begun a three piece tree that I am making for a county fiber arts show in July.  I work kind of slowly and am busy caring for Mom and working full time so I need to really get going if I hope to get it done in time. 
      The tree is 30 inches high by 10 inches wide and is made from hand dyed silk. The background is also made from silks, including some sari silk from India. Next step is to add some background scenery on the bottom panel.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Craft Room Remodel!

Meet Delilah, my daughter's hedgehog
My husband has been helping me turn my craft room into a more workable space. As you can see I share it with the dogs.  He painted and ripped out the old, dirty carpet and put in these beautiful, heated travertine floors.
He even tiled the formerly ugly back of the fireplace- the walled area between the dining room and living room doorways. 
My sewing table is on the right.  Now I need to put my stash in tubs and put everything away!