Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making Blackberries

I have been putting raspberries and blackberries in a lot of my embroidery lately and a friend asked me to show her how I did it.  It is really simple. Click on the images to see them close-up.

First, use fabric markers in berry colors to shade in the area you want to bead.  I made mine about the size of a US nickel.
Next, fill the spot of color in with beads. For blackberries I like to do a few in red for realism.
Make a running stitch around the outside of your berry.
Cut out your berry. Be careful to avoid your running stitch.
Gently pull the thread of your running stitch. The edges of your berry will turn under and the berry's shape will become rounded.
Finally, sew your berry onto your embroidery and embellish.


  1. Thanks for showing us. They look so real that I could eat them!!!!
    Linda in NM

  2. Very nice berries, you did a bit of stumpwork there. I like the trim you used on the stem, it looks like prickles.

  3. your blackberries look good enough to eat! i hope mine look that good when i am done!