Friday, July 8, 2011

Cats and Quilts

 These are crazy quilt blocks I  put together for two different round robins.   The set on top is for an Under The Sea round robin. I was thinking about ocean environments when I put them together and came up with deep sea- on top, lagoons, the two in the middle, and coral reef for the two on the bottom.
This set of crazy quilt blocks is for a Basically Beaded round robin. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Last week I attended my first sane quilting class ever.  We were all working on Buggy Barn quilts and mine was crazy cats!
This is Pippin. If he doesn't look happy, it is because he's not.  He doesn't groom himself and he won't let us do it either.  So, poor kitty, this summer he got shaved to remove his matted fur!!!

 Rosie is my sweet, spooky Halloween cat.
Four cats on my bed!!! My excuse to NOT make my bed in the morning. I wouldn't want to upset anyone!!!  LOL! Note that Pippin has his fur in this picture.
  My garden is rewarding me for being patient- winter was extra lonnnng this year and spring was almost non-existent.
       Delphiniums are one of my mother's favorites.

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  1. Where do I start?? I LOVE everything on your blog today. The round robin blocks UTS and BB! The cat photos are great. Poor Pippin, that'll teach him to have better grooming habits! Weell, probably not. I have 8 kitties. Thankfully they do NOT sleep with me. Muffin and Squeaky are very similar to Pippin and Rosie. Oh the flowers! So very pretty. Too hot and humidity (and currently too dry) for delphiniums here. :))