Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Stitchery

 Under The Sea DYOB
(Do Your Own Block)
  Here is the last of my under the sea work for this round robin. I worked this block for Lisa.  This block is very sparkly- something my  photographic skills do not reflect here.

(Click on the images to enlarge them)
I had fun appliqueing and embellishing the puffer fish.

 Basically Beaded block for Carol
This piece ended up looking more Victorian than I had anticipated. I liked doing the scallops and the silver crystals really shimmer. I bought them at the street fair last summer in Mount Shasta and next time I am going to buy the man out!


  1. Fabulous fish! I love the way you incorporated a piece of tatting into use - the seaweed looks awesome.... might have to borrow that idea. This was a fun RR and I can't wait to get my blocks back - thank you for the work you did on my block~

  2. Love the puffer fish!!I have a real one hanging in the shed!! Nice use of tatting and the beaded block is beautiful. Linda in NM