Friday, February 11, 2011

February Fun

You know you have too many cats       
when this is what you see at 
feeding time in the morning!

As an elementary school teacher I enjoy the month of February but find it incredibly busy and short.  The beginning of a new month always makes me hop to change student calendars, seasonal themes, and bulletin boards. Here is a list of typical primary subject matter for February:
  • African American History Month
  • Ground Hog's Day (No, I am serious!)
  • Chinese New Year 
  • The 100th Day of School
  • Valentine's Day activities, including a class party
  • Focus on presidents, especially Lincoln and Washington
  • Money
I want to share the clever artwork done by students in neighboring classrooms celebrating Abraham Lincoln.

 A directed draw of Lincoln by two students of my friend and first grade colleague Kathy Jewell. The Lincoln on the right is crying because he is sad about the American Civil War.

These next two samples are from the
class of my next door neighbor and 
first grade colleague, Marni Posl. I love 
the difference between the two as they 
show the range in ability. 
They are both charming!

I recently discovered and
joined a wonderful Yahoo 
Group, Crazy Quilters 
International.  On their blog
they have these wonderful 
covered boxes that 
members made for an 
exchange. I joined 
too late for the exchange
but I love the idea. I 
decided to try to make 
one for my mother for
Valentine's day. I just 
finished it tonight! I learned a 
lot and can't wait to try it again!

Happy Valentine's Day Mom! I love you.


  1. Hi Katy! I love feeding time, that's what it's like here with my four!
    I participated in the exchange on CQI, it was my first but I can't wait for this years! I've learned so much from this group. The box you did for your Mom is beautiful. What a fantastic job!
    The Lincoln's are great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have ten outdoor cats. A few are allowed in the house sometime. They all grew up IN the house. One sleeps and eats inside. The others behave badly and are restricted. I love cats.

    Great work on the tin!

  3. katy your tin turned out wonderful. I have only done one myself and really enjoyed making it. CQ is addicting..

  4. Ruby! That's a lot of cats!!! My cats do some naughty things too- Like clawing the furniture. We are working on some remedies for that

  5. Hello Katy, Your CQ Tin is truly lovely. Hugs Judy